Sold my DSLR and just got GM1

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Re: GM1 is an addiction

AndyMulhearn wrote:

For me to consider switching back to m4/3 I would need:

  1. AF performance equivalent to a 7D or 1D mk III,
  2. Handling equivalent to the 7D - ergonomics and usability,
  3. IQ that I can see is equivalent to the 7D or better
  4. Price to come down. The price of the top of the line Olympus is ridiculous. I could get two 7Ds or a 5D mk III for not much more and have something that far better suits my needs.

No, you simply need to understand that one camera alone cannot do every job out there. I have no reading comprehension issues, I have issues with people who come in here just to throw stones at barking dogs.

If you try to rationalise the shortcomings of every camera out there and come up with a one body solution you're going to be in a world of annoyance and you're going to be spending more money on things which you could be getting for less money if you simply thought a bit more logically and came to the conclusion that no one camera can do everything, and that to rubbish one camera simply because of its shortcomings is rather irrational and illogical.

Micro Four Thirds has its issues with regards to telephoto lenses beyond 200mm equivalency, this is fairly obvious, but that doesn't give anyone the need to say the whole platform is a waste of time and that instead they should buy a full frame camera because FULL FRAME.

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