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Sergey_Green wrote:

misolo wrote:

In addition to size and weight (which are not trivial matters) I already gave another answer to your question: fast and exact focus, as long as you're not tracking movement. The annoyance and unreliability of AF micro-adjustment is one reason I find myself sometimes reaching for my GX7 when my 5DIII would otherwise be a better choice. Movement tracking will eventually be solved with on-sensor PDAF pixels and statistical analysis of the image blur -- see EM1 and GH4. But, again, this conversation is silly: yes, image quality differences are irrelevant for all practical purposes for almost everyone and, no, neither can fully replace the other for all uses.

So GX7 has an advantage over 5DIII because later most of the time has inaccurate AF?

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All I can relate is my own subjective experience:

If you use it well, the 5DIII's AF is simply amazing: astonishingly fast, and pretty much always gets it right, even with subject movement. However, the AF is often off by a little bit. An example of a typical problematic situation for me: let's say, f=50mm, f/2.8, and 1.5m to the subject; the depth-of-field is about 15cm; if the AF if off by more than 10cm (and it often is), it'll spoil what might otherwise be a great image, which can be very frustrating.

The GX7's AF is not as reliable in that there are more cases where it gets it completely wrong (focus on the background instead of subject, and by the time it's got it right already missed the opportunity, or focus off the mark because of subject movement, etc.) However, when it does get it right (which still is most of the times) it's very accurate, no front-focus and back-focus to worry about.

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