Sold my DSLR and just got GM1

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Re: GM1 is an addiction

I never questioned you might have some use for it... Fair played... There is no issue here in stating what Micro Four Thirds cameras cannot do. It's really quite simple, if you need a fast zoom beyond 200mm or if you need to be tracking fast moving objects these are two areas where Micro Four Thirds is still in a process of development.

However lets not downplay the fact that in terms of diminishing returns µ4/3 has a lot of value in what it can do vs. how much a kit may actually cost you. You have some fairly expensive glass and a relatively expensive body. Far to often do I see people here say full frame is the way to go because FULL FRAME. Where people would be best served with better advice and that's what I'm trying to avoid more of.

But... Looking at your kit, it seemed to me well enough that your intentions were somewhere along the lines of capture nature and wildlife or sport. This isn't the strongest hand that Micro Four Thirds has to play. I do however have issues with the trolls and zealots that come in here constantly to defend their pet brand, be it X, Y and Z. They like to come in here and downplay where Micro Four Thirds is actually at.

Yes I'm also aware that the 1D and 5D have different purposes... I was specifically talking in terms of raw IQ figures, yes a 5D would shade a Micro Four Thirds camera, that's not the point... The point I was making is that a $500 Micro Four Thirds body can be that close to pro cameras.Obviously if you are someone who shoots such things as the above for a living and your camera pays for what it does that's another story.

I'm an SLR user originally, I played around with various other cameras and combinations there of to get where I am right now. It's a work in progress and my camera doesn't pay for what I do in life. I wouldn't hesitate to say there's a lot of people in here in the same situation that's only one issue though.

My boat anchor comment is pertinent, where people do things that are cross comparatively good enough on Micro Four Thirds, sometimes people just want a kit that is small and easy to carry around.

You might try actually carrying around a GM1 or even an Olympus PEN camera for a week or two and then you might actually come to the realisation that when you have a camera around that is that small, it becomes a non-issue to have it with you and as a result you may simply find that you take more shots of the things around you.

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