Is it the right moment to step into FF DSLR or wait for rumored FF MILC`s?

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Re: Is it the right moment to step into FF DSLR or wait for rumored FF MILC`s?

frank-in-toronto wrote:

If Nikon goes milc with ff and a new mount, it will take YEARS before the lens system is usable.

It seems that some people are happy to use an A7(r) with their existing lens collection, especially Canon users. It also depends on how exotic your lens needs are. If you are happy with an excellent manual focus 50mm f/1.4, or a 24-70mm f/4.0, then it might not take years before a new system is complete enough.

The UWA lens seems to be a difficult issue for the shorter flange distance. If you're talking the F-mount, then it won't be much smaller.

Having more design freedom cannot possibly be a bad thing. So the designers of UWA can either choose to exploit the freedom of moving optical elements close to the sensor (with its pros and cons), or they can choose not to (in which case quality and size should be on par with SLR mounts). I guess it will be a compromise.

Those who design for SLR cameras do not have this flexibility, they need to live with the flange distance no matter what.

Look at the Sony A7(r). Beautiful system. If that suits your needs, there you go. It's already here. Limited lenses of course and sony changes with the wind.

The BIG question is what do u want mirrorless for? Is there a special feature that the regular F-mount DSLR won't give u? is price any consideration?

Price ought to be a consideration for anyone but the oil billionaire wanting to show off with camera jewelry.

For me as a Canon crop shooter, being able to use my lenses with a larger, modern camera sensor is a tempting proposition. What is stopping me right not is ergonomy, and flashes.


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