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Re: Just bought an Epson 3880

hjulenissen wrote:

jtoolman wrote:

That is where the print head wiper blade sits. It is a two piece rubber unit that requires to be manually cleaned every so often.


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Thanks. I followed your video linked here:


And the issue seems to have been fixed.

Now if only I could figure out how to get the back manual sheet feeder to accept my papers in less than 10 attempts, I would be getting somewhere


Hi There,

Having had the exact same problem with this printer after only a month and about 75 prints I was generally surprised by the issue.

The first 30 prints went through without a problem, then it started happening with every sheet.

In summary, the issue in my case was not using the correct paper media.

Thickness (manual feed rear): 0.29mm to 0.5mm

I was using paper that was not thick enough for the manual feeder (270g/m2) . As per above the tech spec for the printer, the manual feeder is really for Fine Arts papers manually fed and not individual sheets of photopaper.

Flawed logic thinking one photo at a time = manual sheet feeder. Epson engineer who came out to check printer advised that even if only one sheet, use the Auto Sheet Feeder as this handles much thinner papers.

Hope this helps.

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