why are "some" people so insulting and rude on this forum?

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Compensated disparagement

My supposition is that a contributing factor is probably that this location is part of the world in which, by some estimates, 30% of reviews and posts of products and services are by people in some way compensated to boost one offering and disparage a competitor's.  Everyone knows that these types of long term campaigns are an extremely cost effective form of "advertising" and are very hard to identify for posting sites.   Although such practices are technically illegal in the US, the reach of the FTC for enforcement in a our global world and the ability to police it is zero.  So the situation is like that of a public assembly with agent provocateurs loaded into the midst.  "Why are those people behaving like jerks?"  Well, they are paid to do so.  Given that all studies of this problem have shown it to be rampant, it is naive to suppose it isn't here.  Further, there is a structural problem with this, and most board designs, that make it an ideal target for such techniques.  It is the headline management.  Headlines show up in a scan of the forum, but responses do not, until you dive in.  Therefore headlines like "Why I'm returning my lousy A7R" can be seen by potential buyers making a quick glance. Worse all the people who respond saying, "Are you kidding, its great" just keep the headline at the top.  It is as if Pepsi ads bounced Coke ads into prime time.  How can a manufacturer resist that temptation.  My assumption is that they are all playing this game in our midst.

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