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LMNCT wrote:

Your camera was an Exacta, mine was a Contaflex (with "ever ready case") and I soon moved to Leica rangefinders. My favorite lenses were the 50 and 35 with the 35 being the all around favorite. I would not trade our current digital equipment for any of the old stuff and I am happy that we have great choices for the semi-wide focal length. My choice for travel would be a 35mm (17) with a fast aperture to deal with low light

I would bet that if you took every travel/scenic picture we have seen over the last half century and converted the focal length of the taking lens to a 35mm FF equivalent...most would be within 5mm of a 35.  It has the perfect balance of foreground and background relationship IMO.  Wider and the foreground is too big and the background too small.  Longer and the perspectuve is too narrow.

In my film days I had a couple of M4s...and my 2 favorites were the 21 & 35...there was a warmth to Leitz glass that was unmistakeable, especially in transparencies. In some respects I think the E-M1 is as close to Leica I will get without a divorce.

I never shot a Contaflex...I went to Canon (FTb) when I got serious again about photography, family came first for a few years.  Since Kwanon knocked off Leica, it was easy to use both interchangeably...all the controls went the same direction on both.  I chuckle when I see a Nikon lens mounted (backwards).  Wish I could have held onto my Leitz glass, though. Would be real handy now.

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