Sony New Announcement: Who is impressed/Who is not?

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Re: Sony New Announcement: Who is impressed/Who is not?

Impressed. It would be a big mistake not to make this product for Sony.

It brings unparalleled IQ. Very hard to complain about this. That would be the bottom line.

Under the line but also quite important is how the "extreme high dynamic range and colour fidelity" compares to the existing top sensors for stills. Sony seems to be suggesting that it’s the best sensor yet in these regards. Is it so? and is the advantage across much of the ISO range? This will determine the value of the sensor and ultimately the camera for stills. What’s for sure already is that the strength of this camera will be in its combined use. What alternative exactly it brings for the stills alone remains to be seen. That I think will say more about the camera's significance.

About the lenses, be just little patient guys. Sony fires these to you like a machinegun. Still, it’s not like you kick the trunk and the apples will rain down the tree. It’s coming with some wonderful pieces of glass. A great design after a great design. I read the interview on Les Numeriques and I think Sony has a very talented man in Naoki Miyagawa. His genuine passion for working with Zeiss designs brought you one of the best lenses in the world already. If this road map is coming as suggested I think complaining is out of place. people should sometimes also sit down and appreciate what they got and give credit where due.

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