Sony New Announcement: Who is impressed/Who is not?

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Re: Sony New Announcement: Who is impressed/Who is not?

blue_skies wrote:

ImagesInstyle wrote:

Who is impressed with the new announce, and who is not?

Well, the original rumors, that E-mount and FF sensors were video-driven (VG900), gave us Nex and A7 cameras. We should be impressed that, upon the initial Nex' success, Sony stayed the course and catered to a market segment in terms of lenses, camera bodies, sensors, leading to class-leading and award winning products.

The 4k announcement for video-graphers is a big deal - this is a cheaper solution that allows higher IQ, easier with the constant aperture zoom lenses.

For photographers, it gives us a new option. 12Mp may be deemed too little, but against a very high (native) ISO, it is rather impressive, for half the price of the Df. What would you want to use when shooting weddings? ISO 24,600 or ISO 6,400 - if same noise levels?

More impressive is that the other vendors are letting Sony do what it does - it can not be that hard to put together the pieces and see Sony's strategy, is it?

I know, Sony is the underdog, but it seems that electronics is taking over the once optical world, and I would bet on Sony for a while longer - they surely are on a roll

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Right on! The response here is predictable - 1) it doesn't have enough pixels to brag about, 2) why is Sony wasting time on pro markets when I want an 85mm f1.2 AF/OSS lens for $400?

The first thing I did was to rush to the B&H site to see what recorders cost. There appear to be $700 HDMI recorders that are simply an interface for 2.5 inch hard drives and SSD drives - whether they can handle 4K is something else. Let's wait to see if Sony has some hobbyist options as recorders. I see 250GB drives under $300 these days. Maybe an affordable grip or back is coming.

I remember the first time I saw Panasonic's HD set on the Akihabara more than 20 years ago - playing a recorded baseball game from "the big egg." Sony twice got topped in video (Beta, HD) for being too timid to lead. We all will benefit from this effort and attitude, if not this product.

One could envision a FF camera as small as an NEX-7 with a tiny pancake lens that could shoot in virtual darkness with tiny f8 lenses...

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