What is Back Button Focus all about?

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Re: What is Back Button Focus all about?

enemjii wrote

All said and done, I personally believe thus is the wrong term to use. If I put that same button on the front of the camera doing exactly the same thing, I would have to call it FBF?

The distinction is actually between "AF by default" when it is on the shutter button and you get it whether you like it or not, and "AF on demand" when it is not on the shutter button but on some other button that activates AF when you choose. On some bodies there may be alternatives to a button under your right thumb (* or AF-ON) but since that is the choice most people find convenient anyhow, there is very little risk of confusion from calling it "Back Button Focus". The important point is not where you put the AF but that you remove it from the shutter button.

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