Sony New Announcement: Who is impressed/Who is not?

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Re: Sony New Announcement: Who is impressed/Who is not?

I think that a 12MP full frame High Sensitivity camera is fantastic!  IF I hadn't purchased an A7 already I would get one.  IF it had the AF of the A6000 I would get one.  But it doesn't Not really a video shooter, and until 4K takes a larger toe hold in the market I don't really see the point, other than to gain a larger share of the small market, gain the practice, get bragging rights.

For me the 12MP seems perfect.  Most of what I do doesn't need the huge files.  I was super happy with the D1 when it came out, and the D2 was a great improvement.  Now adding MP just adds file size, processing time and expense.  Who really needs 12 MP even for web viewing or 8x10 prints?

And how much better is a 4K video going to look without the processing necessary for all the pixel binning going on?  It would be tough to get raw 4K signal with all that processing (I am no expert however)  I am thinking, and why would you want it on an SD card?  Even the fastest if pokey compared to a Compact Flash card, or external recorder.

So my hat is off to Sony for having the vision!  And I think my A7 is fantastic and look forward to seeing what they offer next!

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