Some say, Pentax DX bodies are SO capable, they blow Nikon FX away...

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owned both and...

I recently made the move from a Pentax K5 to the D800 so have experience of both brands.

To be fair, I haven't seen any significant improvement in high iso images since swapping my K5 for the D800 although the Nikon isn't obviously targeted as a ultra high iso performer. I do honestly miss the ergonomics of Pentax cameras too, it's something they excel at, functionality of the D800 is certainly a little more "clunky" although still perfectly usuable. Live view is a step backwards on the D800 from the K5 due to the maginfication resolution which is quite poor, this is obvioualy a very well known issue with the D800 and certainly not a deal breaker.

On the positive side the D800 resolves an incredible amount of detail which the K5, although good, couldn't get close to. The K5 was a good dynamic range performer but the D800 is simply incredible, still amazed how much shadow detail can be recovered. Lenses are definitely a Pentax weak point, they produce some very high quality ones but far too limited a choice, third party support isn't nearly as good as Nikon either.

Looking at the original post I'd guess the FF vs Pentac crop argument is based more on frustrations of many Pentax owners at the failure of pentax to deliver a FF model, I was one of those and jumped ship as a result.


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