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Re: Sutter Shock? Pictures from the holy land.

photohounds wrote:

Recently I waited on a car park roof for a course to start.
Having a few minutes, and EM-1, the Zuiko 12-40mm f/2.8 attached and some dim light, and an unusual (for me) view, I started shooting.
After a few moments I thought "the Shutter shock voodoo" so .. I switched to Shutter priority and set it to that "unholy" 1/200th of a second to see if I could detect any. I snapped away nonchalantly .. hand held, with a bag on my back bracketing away.

I have posted 30+ new pictures most at 1/200th. Also, most are straight out of camera, thought I did have some fun with a few.
They can be zoomed full size to search for shutter shock and exif data is there to check the speed used foir the image is in the unholy range.
I would like to hear if anyone sees an image that displays the shutter choice poltergeist as I cannot see it.
Not a bad way to waste 1/2 an hour or so ..

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ShutterShock poltergeist search ..

Shutter shock occurs in some circumstances and affects different equipment set-ups in different ways. Some combinations don't show it. Great. Some do.

When I got my Pany 45-175 and used it on my G3, the issue was amazingly awful (this and this   were early threads). It improved but was not eliminated, by a firmware update. I avoided the problem by shooting at 1/400 or faster. The Pany 100-300 showed the problem to a lesser extent.

The E-M1 is an improvement over the G3. And the 12-40 lens is excellent. I have not seen shutter shock with this combination. This may be to do with the short focal length. The 50-200 SWD is similarly good. I didn't notice any shutter shock until I compared the results with the 1.3 firmware.

The 100-300 does show shutter shock on the E-M1 and the 1.3 firmware significantly improves it.

In the spectrum of conditions (equipment + exposure parameters + focus distance) your chosen combination (E-M1 + 12-40 + 1/200 sec) is very unlikely to show any shutter shock. Other combinations are not so lucky. If your chosen subject and equipment don't get you into the area where the problem occurs, it won't be an issue for you. It is not an issue for some subjects. Usually, it is only a problem where you're interested in pixel level sharpness and are cropping hard. E.g. wildlife - fur, feathers etc. This probably doesn't apply to a concrete building.

It has been an issue for me with long lenses and I have avoided it by using fast shutter speeds (< 1/500) but this is less than ideal in some light conditions where I will be forced to go to higher Iso.

The 1.3 firmware produces significantly better results with shutter speeds between 1/60 and 1/200 with the Panasonic 45-175 and the Panasonic 100-300 at the long ends on a tripod. Handheld results with IBIS are also improved to the extent that, blur that I previously put down to the limitation of IBIS (say 175mm at 1/160 sec), I would now conclude were substantially caused by shutter shock. My opinion of IBIS has risen significantly. It is amazing.

The reason why those of us concluded that there was a shutter shock issue was that the problem went away with longer as well as shorter exposures than the problem range (typically 1/60 to 1/250 but worst around 1/100 to 1/160). If it was a technique issue, the longer exposures would not have been better. This was later confirmed by comparisons using electronic shutters in the problem shutter speed range.

Looking for shutter shock is a waste of life! It is particularly useless if you look in the wrong place! If you shoot a combination that causes you problems (typically long focal length, fine detail subject and problem exposure time) you can be happy that it can be resolved by Panasonic's electronic shutter or the E-M1's 0 sec shutter delay.

I don't have shutter shock problems any more. Perhaps my technique magically improved overnight when I put the new firmware on? Yes, that'll be it...

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