Need an advice on prime lens for travel

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Re: Need an advice on prime lens for travel

spotfromoz wrote:

Your on holidays so changing lenses all the time can make the Missus impatient or at least it does mine.

And How!!, It starts with "why did you bring that thing with you" and ends back at home with "Why didn't you take a snap of....", after 45 years I'm not stupid enough to answer that one.

It depends where you're going, I haven't been to Spain but I have been to old cities in both Germany and Italy where the buildings are really squashed together, in both instances however I noticed that the standard DSLR kit lens 18-55mm (35mm equiv. of 27 to 82mm) covered nearly all the options, I just felt that slightly wider would have been more useful as far as buildings and street scapes were concerned.

On that basis if it's within your budget I would go for the 12-40mm lens (35mm Equiv. 24 - 80mm) which also has the advantage of not having to change lenses and getting dust on the sensor.

Failing that I think I would go for the 15mm, it's not so wide as the 12mm and not so tight as the 17mm and it's quite fast as well for those gloomy interiors designed to keep the sun out.



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