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Re: Just the facts, man, just the facts.....

Guy Parsons wrote:

I have a video of the E-PL5 shutter at 1,000 fps and there's a huge amount of bounce as the initial shutter closure happens, also I have made audio recording of the noise the mechanism makes and there's plenty of vibration going on that carries over into the exposure period. I showed those in a recent shock thread, but no time right now to find the links again. You just have to believe.

In my case though I have not noticed any shock results but then I do not go looking for them. I now mostly use the 12-40mm on my E-PL5 and I am sure that helps dampen any shock problems due to the extra mass.

In fact the E-PL5, which I had briefly, had indeed a vibration problem which affected it between 1/100 and 1/200, but it was v. visible, and it was documented almost immediately. I don't notice it with the PM1 which should have the same shutter generation, so perhaps O. cured it.

The E-M5 never had it, in fact it has the gentlest shutter by comparison. Vibrations are always possible, and have been for half a century since the actuations became much harder than the sweet Compurs.

Of course it's the generalizing that is stupid, not mentioning the exceptions. If vibrations ruined the shot at all times, a camera maker might as well kill himself

Instead it v. easy to ruin a shot with a light mirrorless camera, despite the IBIS, for not holding it well, or having the shakes, but what deepens the stupidity, is that I have never seen anybody accepting user error. That's human nature, but stupidity nevertheless. So to me the whole debate is flawed.


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