Sold my DSLR and just got GM1

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Re: GM1 is an addiction

Lumixdude wrote:

Well there's the inevitable thing that you can't fit a 7D in your pocket and then having a neck and shoulder brace so that you don't feel like you're 7D is the 800lb gorilla in the room and then there's the fact that with a 14 megapixel micro four thirds sensor you're already achieving what professional level cameras were achieving just a couple years ago.

So that's one thing a GM1 can do, it can fit in a pocket. Which means it's small so an ergonomic nightmare. And GM1 being as good as a couple of year old DSLR doesn't make it better than a DSLR, so no points for that one.

Then you have to ask yourself a pretty blunt question about whether you actually need a 7D, which comes back to the last bit of the conundrum above. When a 14 megapixel Micro Four Thirds sensor is putting out image quality close enough to a Canon 1D MKIII or a Canon 5D MKI you really have to ask yourself, why do you need more?

Ah, now that's where you've lost the plot. There's no way a GM1 is even close in IQ to a 5D let alone a 1D mk III. As for my needing a 7D, well that wasn't the question but anyway, I shoot a lot of wildlife, mainly BIF, and combined with a 400L the 7D is a very good piece of kit for what I do. But then this is just another M4/3 fanboy attempt at diversion by attacking on the questioner rather than the question so I'll move on.

Why does anyone including most photography enthusiasts need to pay for a 7D when a GM1 with the right lenses attached will provide better quality photos than what they are actually capable of producing themselves?

Errr, because it won't. There is no way you can match with your GM1 what I can do with my 7D. Sorry, but you're delusional if you think otherwise.

Then even if you can shoot at the level of photography, you've gotta ask yourself, you're already shooting at better than 35mm quality, do you really need to spend so much more money, for even more finite image quality gains?

Some people settle for mediocre, others like to achieve the best they can. I can guess what group you fit into.

It's the law of diminishing returns, particularly when you start actually adding on the cost of pro glass to achieve what you're not fully achieving with your Canon 7D in maximising what your 7D is capable of.

A cost I'm willing to bear, but then that wasn't the question which was, as you seem to have forgotten, "Would you care to elaborate on what the GM1 can do that many DSLRs can't?" So far that appears to be fit into a pocket, size undefined, and have better image quality than a seven year old camera, which is debatable from what I've seen. All sounds a bit meh to me.

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