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Re: Jamie: why natvie E-mount lenses over A-mount adapted?

jpr2 wrote:

JamieTux wrote:

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spacemn wrote:

TonyC5D wrote:

Sadly still rather let down by the lens range.

What lenses are you missing and use?

300 f2.8? 100-400 f4? In fact anything over 210 would be nice! Yes, I know they would be big compared to the alpha/NEX bodies but that that is the photographers choice. Sony are restricting their market by only offering relatively short lenses. I own the NEX 7 and love it but I just want a couple of longer lenses, not too much to ask surely! And I have tried legacy lenses, I would much prefer native with full functions thank you.

Tony - what would you gain with an e-mount version rather than the a-mount versions with an LE-EA4 adapter?
Size would be the same (dictated by it being a 300mm focal length and f2.8 aperture) so what would you gain do you think?

the reason is pretty obvious - they claim that AF will be as quick in OSPDAF as that of a6k, which means it would be of high use... IFF true

BUT... it also means that no A-mount lenses will have an access to the OSPDAF. What EA-4 offers is anyway pretty rudimentary = entry dSLR level of performance, with focusing points huddled closely in the center.

Thanks jpr - but I have an A7r with LA-EA4 and an A99 - and I'm hard pressed to notice much (if any) difference in frame coverage or focus speed with the same lenses.
I get that the combination OSPDAF/CDAF in the A6000 might be quicker and I'll accept that, as well as hoping that the e-mount lenses had OSS (but that is a hope) - but Tony was asking for longer lenses with full functions for his NEX 7.

So I'm still curious as to what Tony wants from an e-mount version versus the existing a-mount lenses and adapter

Thus, a dearly needed, long overdue new LA-EAx adapter will be necessary - which would secure seamless OSPDAF for A-mount glass;

Maybe but as discussed elsewhere that's actually supposed to be a combination PDAF/CDAF system so maybe another new a-mount 300mm f2.8 but built with that in mind and a new adapter would be an equally vaild answer to the issue too?  That way they can build just one new lens and keep all customers of both systems happy.....  (Of course we all know that some on this forum will be horrified that Sony aren't launching an e-mount version and on the a-mount forum they will be equally horrified at the compromises made for the sake of e-mount compatibility!)

However... something like this wasn't even announced


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