As of today, Sony has 7 FF cameras

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Jamie: why natvie E-mount lenses over A-mount adapted?

JamieTux wrote:

TonyC5D wrote:

spacemn wrote:

TonyC5D wrote:

Sadly still rather let down by the lens range.

What lenses are you missing and use?

300 f2.8? 100-400 f4? In fact anything over 210 would be nice! Yes, I know they would be big compared to the alpha/NEX bodies but that that is the photographers choice. Sony are restricting their market by only offering relatively short lenses. I own the NEX 7 and love it but I just want a couple of longer lenses, not too much to ask surely! And I have tried legacy lenses, I would much prefer native with full functions thank you.

Tony - what would you gain with an e-mount version rather than the a-mount versions with an LE-EA4 adapter?
Size would be the same (dictated by it being a 300mm focal length and f2.8 aperture) so what would you gain do you think?

the reason is pretty obvious - they claim that AF will be as quick in OSPDAF as that of a6k, which means it would be of high use... IFF true

BUT... it also means that no A-mount lenses will have an access to the OSPDAF. What EA-4 offers is anyway pretty rudimentary = entry dSLR level of performance, with focusing points huddled closely in the center.

Thus, a dearly needed, long overdue new LA-EAx adapter will be necessary - which would secure seamless OSPDAF for A-mount glass;

However... something like this wasn't even announced


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