Odd lens flare with the 10-18 zoom

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Re: Odd lens flare with the 10-18 zoom

abdoozy wrote:

This was shot at 10mm. The sunburst looked cool in the viewfinder. On the monitor, not so much. Was this a function of the lens being at f/22, the fact that the lens had a filter onboard (albeit a good quality Marumi lens protector), or should I just expect this kind of odd flare artifacts when shooting a UWA directly into the sun?

Some of those flare dots are downright bizarre.. they look like donuts. Or condoms

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To learn more about such flare pattern you should invest the $ 50 it takes to purchase a pinhole cover for the NEX. Then you would see wild flares in any color if you shoot into the sun. These are at f/150 or smaller and then this effect becomes even more prevalent.

Otherwise: Go and learn NOT to use f/22 into the sun; and do clean your lenses and sensor every once in a while.

But I am serious about those pinhole covers, the cheapest new lens you can buy,so  try one and learn.

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