What's wrong with rumors websites?

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What's wrong with rumors websites?

I don't know for you folks, but it seems to be many strategies of manipulation what was used by so called "rumors websites". So I'm afraid to be a bit partial after I studied some of these techniques as a small media representative.

May you help me to distinguish the true from the false or manipulated?

And when it became clear they fail, it suddenly appear a proliferation of articles to create diversions, to hide their falsehoods, and mask them pure inventions as well, all based on previsible scenarios of the evolution of this DSLR branch, and so on...

This is what I noticed last time with one of the rumor websites dedicated to our mount. They claimed that the A77xx successor will be announced soon with two new key features such as Wifi and NFC!

But apparently, it was a totally constructed rumors based on this information:

A well-known business magazine wrote:

Sony Introduces Wi-Fi And NFC Enabled Successor To RX100 Camera

And unfortunately, it was not the first time something like this happened.

Some of them speculated many month ont that, but anyone can spreading a so called "rumor", based on some features already appeared on cameras launched earlier, and to be pretend "it's a new rumor".

It is becoming clear to me they just have to wait that such expected features will be implemented into a supposedly "New Flagship" (and rely on good fortune)!

So, not a rumor really, but lies being orchestrated? What do you think folks?

On 1 April, one of them (a so famous) published a so called "April fool". But I don't know why, some links are not allowed by dPr, for well-founded reasons, I guess, and one of them is probably because they tried to referring to some threads in this section, and afaik, it was designed to add credibility to them Website only (but maybe it's only a rumor?! Who knows?)

For real, where are the dupes? Us? Or it was an insult to the intelligence! From many month they speculate only, no real rumors, nothing proved, nothing happened from what they expected. So what? All wrong!

And against all odds, 6 April was launched the A7s instead the expected successor of A77 (advertised month after month) but they were warned by a Press release! That tell to me it was a series of "careful interactions with constructed rumors" (and a play with the calendar, of course) all that killed the credibility of so called "Sony rumors websites", because the launch of the A7s was something they did not expected! (But other sites must also do the same, not only about A-mount nor E-mount.)

Moreover it was a lot of confusions from one of them and here evidences they know nothing:

One of the so called "Sony rumors websites" (SAR) wrote:

"Sony A7s XXX soon on XXX! And A7s rumor recap"

Rumor recap? Really?

"We are almost there! At 2pm Las Vegas time (10 pm in London and 11pm in Berlin) Sony will announce the new A7s E-mount Full Frame 4K camera with 12 megapixel and XAVCs recording. And if we are “lucky” we are going to see an updated FE lens roadmap too".

Only they broke the rules, they broke the News Embargo, just to save them face and have an rumor gimmick! Because as a press editor I received exactly the same informations at the same time, and that was the real and only one surpise to me (of this permanent serial)!

"A7s rumor recap":

So no! Not any recap!

"Over a month ago I started to get rumors about a 4K capable photo camera".

False again, they never stated it should be implemented into the successor of the A7, too early, totally unexpected! But of course, it was foreseeable that this feature should be implemented sooner or later, nothing about a rumor: all was predictions as well. Pre_dic_tions... Not at all so called "rumors"!

"As I have been told back at that time the camera wasn’t ready yet".

But it was, the A7s prove it!


"Very important to know: The A7s is not the new A9 high end camera. The A9 is still scheduled for a late Summer release!"

Well...! Very important to know: ALL THAT IS (...) soup, mumbo jumbo, or whatsoever but not "real rumors", for sure! So all the classifications of rumours is just to fall us into!

What do you think folks, they manipulate and they study in the hope!?!


Personal note:
Because the Sony A7s announcement took me by surprise this is how I have to work somewhere in the middle of nowhere in Tuscany"


Above a little poll about Sony-Alpha rumor websites and one of those I am referring above (just to know about the level of confidence):

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We have been cheated all the time by Sony-Alpha rumor websites.
41.7% 5  votes
We had been fooled in most of the cases by Sony-Alpha rumor websites.
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SAR is one of the most credible unofficial "media" who talks about Sony mount/s.
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