Olympus E-10 and E-20

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pjw88 Contributing Member • Posts: 502
Re: Olympus E-10 and E-20

The e-10 and e-20 do not use sensors even remotely connected to the sensor in the e-1.  The e-1 used a 4/3 sized sensor.  The e-10 and e-20 used a 2/3" sensor, in other words, a sensor size typically used in a compact digicam.  To put it in modern perspective, the e-10/20 sensor is the same size used in the fuji x-20 camera.  Moreover, it is only marginally bigger than the sensor used in the modern XZ-x series compacts.  The sensor in my Nokia pureview 808 (1/1.2") is even bigger than the e-10/e-20.  In my opinion, the best 2/3" sensor camera that Oly ever made was likely the camedia 8080.

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