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Lumixdude wrote:

Having a 50mm prime comes from a period where those black and white photos come from. Back then it wasn't possible to have a "wide angle" lens without distortion.

I probably qualify as a "back then-er" first SLR  was in 1960, an Exakta VXIIA (made in Dresden) with a Wollensak 35, Meyer 50 and 135.  The 35's aperture control was spring loaded.  You set a ring on the front of the lens preset to the taking aperture. I could focus wide open...then a part of the lens base went over the camera shutter release located on the left front of the camera body. The lens base extension had a contact to the camera shutter release, so when I hit the shutter release the lens first stopped down to the taking aperture...some apertures automatically reopened to max, others had to be re-cocked. There was no mechanical aperture connection between the camera and the lens...back then.  The Meyers had to be manually set to the taking aperture after focusing wide open, but the aperture ring had a preset stop at the selected aperture.

The film advance/shutter cocking  lever was on the left side of the top...a large knob on the top right of the body set the shutter the left hand took the shot, advanced the film, cocked the shutter and the right took care of focusing, aperture and shutter speed...making it faster to operate as both hands were involved in the process.

There was an internal hook-shaped knife that sliced the film when you had taken the last shot. We handloaded B&W casettes and got about 40 shots on a roll.  There was a removable take up spool that was left in for normal 35mm film carts.  We removed the spool for sports and handloaded the film in 1 cart and taped the leader across into another cart...and rubber-banded the 2 together.  Once we hit the advance limit at roll went from right to left...we pulled the knife across the film from its bottom position...advance the last frame, or so,  into the takeup cart.  Popped out the 2 casettes, dropped in a new pair.  Reloads took maybe 15-20 seconds.  Came in handy at sports car races "back then"!

I don't recall any great distortion on the 35, but I would not swear to that.  Film grain was a bigger issue...but developing and printing our own shots was the best part of the process.

Incidentally, Exakta created the first SLR to use 35mm the '30s.

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