Olympus E-10 and E-20

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Re: Some other tips

I certainly have no expectation that either would operate in a comparable way to even a semi-modern dslr but it sounds like it might be an interesting addition for someone with a love for high quality vintage electronics like me.

Some of those cat photos are quite lovely. I think I might have to jump if I see a nice one on pay day (don't alk cameras look nicer on pay day?).

That's good to know about the batteries, I'd probably have let it chew through duracells all day.

I've been hunting for an affordable (read old) mf digital or digital back and although in terms of sensor size this isn't the same thing it looks like a very competent pro camera I think I could get done really nice results from it. Does it have any real blind spots? Maybe low light or very bright light?

It's a little off the topic of Olympus DSLRs but are there any other high end digital camera oddities that are similar to the e-10/20?

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