Panasonic GF3 and 100-300 lens in St. Petersburg

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Re: Panasonic GF3 and 100-300 lens in St. Petersburg

Electriq wrote:

ambercool wrote:

I think the problem here is that you need to post process a little bit more. Not that I condone doing it overly and claiming it's still a photo when it's really art. What I am saying is that our eyes gather light differently so those photos aren't quite real yet. Sometimes you can get it right, especially once you've reached a certain level you can get some pretty close true-to-life images from jpeg.

I'm not going to tell you exactly what to do, but as you can see the camera and lens light gathering relationship can be deceiving so I would bring more things in detail with some extra contrast. This would give it a more dimensional feel. Then I would work on popping some of the colors.

Honestly, your photos are really not bad. I can see why you took those shots regardless of what anyone says. You are imaging it a certain way and all I am asking is for you to bring that vision out. If that is not how you envision it then don't show it. Go back and take that photo a thousand times if you have to. If it would be better if 3 red cars passed by that scene then go each time waiting for that to happen just like in your mind, and snap it.

One other thing you can try is to do sunset/sunrise photos on these scenes. If this is truly dull to you then adding the sun makes a huge difference. I would even compare that amazing moment as giving life to anything God put on this earth.

I hope I wasn't being critical and my intent is to just share my thoughts. Thank you for the shots and opportunity to C&C.


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Thank you for inspiring comment!

This picture is better than ones in OP, I think.
I'm surprised this discussion lasts so long. I thought it would fade sooner, but since it's still active, why not say something.

Saint Petersburg is the city where I was born and grew up. I will always call it my city, despite that I left it many years ago.

Sorry to say but I don't see Saint Petersburg in the way you do. I fail to see how you can live in Saint Petersburg and choose photos in OP to represent this city.

It's hard to be original when photographing St. Petersburg. St Petersburg is sometimes called a museum under the sky, and all its views have already been photographed millions of times.

I used to go back to St. Petersburg almost every year or two, but recently it became more seldom. As a "photographer" I was in St. Petersburg only once, in 2012. "Photographer" is in quotes because I don't think I'm really good at photography, I'm actually a programmer, same as you. I just started to take photography seriously as a main hobby in 2011.

Below is my modest attempt to capture Saint Petersburg in 2012, with E-P3 and E-M1, not to compete with you, but to show how I see this city while trying to avoid cliches.


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