Need an advice on prime lens for travel

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+1 for the Oly 17/1.8

If it's the choice purely between Olympus and Sigma lenses, then Olympus 25mm is streets ahead, in fact all Olympus primes are really except maybe the pancakes. I would much prefer to have the Olympus 17mm if I had to have just one lens, although my normal lens has predominately been a 35mm since I took up photography.

Bear in mind though that the 35mm has been the weapon of choice for most street photographers for longer than I've been alive on this planet. A 35mm frame will also do a lot better for landscapes as well. In terms of architecture... Well if it's let you get closer to the subject while fitting more in the frame? It's just a matter of composition that one has to get used to.

I think the 17mm F/1.8 is well worth a look, while the 25mm will be slightly sharper, do you really want to give up another 8mm of your frame to get there? Really that is quite substantial.

For the subject matter you mention a 35mm equivalent would seem like a good fit. I say this in particular because you mention landscape, architecture and street. A bit wider view will come in handy. Take along a kit zoom and you have the other focal lengths just in case.

Happy Travels!

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