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Re: a7s price

contax4ever wrote:

rayman 2 wrote:

Astrophotographer 10 wrote:

That's pretty reasonable.

I wonder how many FPS it does?

The only thing that Nikon D4s and Canon 1Dx would have over it is probably a much fast AF unless Sony has improved that a lot which from the release sounds like it has been improved in low light only.


not true ! You can use Alpha lenses with phase detect and the af speed is just as fast as

with the Nikons..... also you can use the awsome Zeiss 2.8 24-70mm.......


Unfortunately, then you will not have any stabilization. Even aftermarket lenses that have stab for other cameras removed it for the Alpha mount (and still charge the same).

Basically, there's no fast focusing (PDAF fast) stabilized Tele for this camera (or any A7x's).

How about the sigma macro trio with la-ea4?

Yes, Sigma kept the OF for those to enable handholding at macro distances.  But I wouldn't call them fast focusing for action shooting.   All of their OS zooms have removed OS for Sony, and still charge about the same.

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