Need an advice on prime lens for travel

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Add one more vote for the 17...

I am a long time FF user and find the 50mm eq. the least used prime in my FF gear..and the 35mm eq., the most useful, especially in travel.  Over the years I have collected 3 Canon L zooms from 16mm to 105...all of which include 35mm in the FL range...I may take 1 of them on a trip, but I always take the 35/1.4 prime...never the 50/1.4.

I recently took a 17 day trip to Italy and decided to only use my 5D (FF) and the 35/1.4L for everything, day, night, inside, outside, scenic, portrait, groups, etc.  It worked great.  If I need to crop tighter, I just used the proverbial 2-foot zoom.

The Oly 17 was not out when I started with the E-M series, so I bought both the Panasonic 14 and 20...kind of bookending the FL I really wanted.  The Oly 17 will soon be in my time it is on sale...I missed a sale a few months ago.  I will sell the Panasonics and pick up the Pro wide zoom when it is released.  That will give me 17 - 45 primes and the 2 Pro zooms.

The OP may find the 4 days in Barcelona will be the highlight of his trip.  There were 2 hop-on/hop-off bus routes when I was there a few years ago.  You can easily spend a day on each covering the galleries, museums and city sights, not to mention the shoreline sights, Gaudi Cathedral and the unique architecture (those units built out to the perimeter of the blocks hide huge interior courtyards that have a variety of uses...each block looks like a square donut from the air.)  The greatest people watching is on the main street, Las Rambla(s), where the 25 will push you back to where others get in the way of your shot.

Enjoy the cruise...and Barcelona.

PS However, the Panny 20 is not a bad compromise.

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