Sold my DSLR and just got GM1

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Re: Sold my DSLR and just got GM1

The 20mm Panasonic is a little sharper than the Olympus 17mm, but what do you get as drawbacks?

  • Slower focus speed on the 20.
  • 20mm is equivalent to 40mm.
  • 40mm is an odd frame size.

By comparison with the 17mm it's a little less sharp but:

  • It has faster focus speed than the 20mm.
  • It's a 35mm, well just about (34).
  • 35mm is the frame size for most environmental portraits you've seen shot in magazines.

40mm is closer to a normal portrait lens, but head and body shots are boring and it's always nice to see some of your environment when you're taking a portrait shot. I much prefer the environmental portrait, I also like to see the environment in my street photography, so I lean towards a 35mm unless I want to do street portraits in which case you're better off with something like a 45mm anyways.

50mm normal lenses come from a period where it wasn't possible to make a lens any wider than 50mm without distortion on close ups and of pictures of things such as brick walls. These days we can go down as low as 24mm with negligible distortion and I don't take pictures of boring brick walls just to see the distortion from my lens.

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