My dream full-frame camera.

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As I said, medium format sensor backs have been around for quite a long time. And in the last 5 years or so, the prices have decreased very slowly. It's also very telling that sensor sizes are not going up - there is always a crop factor.

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Well, that's not my dream as Medium format is too clunky and big for my use.

But I completely agree. Until there are spectacular new developments in optics (which are limited by the laws of physics) then the limit for pixel density has hit a bar (for now).

HENCE there is nothing wrong with our wishes that the manufacturers can now concentrate their efforts on the design having appeased the pixel peepers who drove the market up until this point.

Actually. the 'pixel peepers' are the low MP people, because they believe that the important determinant of image quality is how things look at 100%, so if the 'market' is being driven up, it's not by the pixel peepers.

OK -  I should have said pixel-philes rather than pixel peepers!

In reality we have seen a steady rise in IQ which is in part due to increases in pixel count. Pixel size decreases happen because it's the most direct way for sensor engineers to increase IQ generation to generation. The thing that has damaged IQ overall is the 'ISO race' which has caused compromises to the colour filter arrays to make them more transmissive at the cost of accurate colour.

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Ah! And there we have the point of the whole thread. You see, high ISO ability is very important to me  (so, yes - that race in the market has indeed suited me). I do get kind of fed up farting around in Lightroom to get accurate colours but I accept the trade-off.

Your dream camera is evidently one where they don't bother with high ISO ability and instead concentrate on perfect IQ at low ISO. I'd not argue with that - if that's the right tool for your job then nothing wrong with asking for it. You won't be the only one. You may be niche and have to pay more than mass marketed cameras, but I'd not scorn anyone for wanting it or tell them it'll never come about.

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