My dream full-frame camera.

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Re: Using the wrong metric

Erik Magnuson wrote:

Doss wrote:

But I completely agree. Until there are spectacular new developments in optics (which are limited by the laws of physics) then the limit for pixel density has hit a bar (for now).

Actually, it hasn't. See the Nokia 41MP sensor as an example of using a lot more pixels than where you think it would be limited optically. We may be approaching the limits of where one sensor pixel will correspond to one output pixel, but there are techniques that can exploited be when the image is oversampled that will make for better images.

Well, I cannot claim to know anything about this sensor but does it really have better IQ than an 8mp sensor on a good camera phone? About 5 years ago I tested a series of current 10-12mp compact cameras and found all those which could be limited to 7 or 8 mp resulted in improved IQ. Not saying it isn't possible though. That's the point of our argument - never say never

HENCE there is nothing wrong with our wishes that the manufacturers can now concentrate their efforts on the design having appeased the pixel peepers who drove the market up until this point.

The fallacy is in expecting that such cameras will be cheaper than the mass market versions.

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I agree, of course they won't. I never suggested they'll be cheaper (infact I actually said the opposite somewhere above) . Those who'd want MF rather than AF would be a minority (just check the likes for the 'against' posts on this thread! ). However, the idea they'll cost as much as a sports car and/or there will be no demand is more of a fallacy.

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