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Re: Viewfinder brightness: Nikon FTn vs. Canon 5DII

Erik Magnuson wrote:

Doss wrote:

I put your assumptions against realiity: Personally, I noticed the difference because I use both AF and 'typical' film SLR. I noticed the difference clearly.

Have you tried to measure the difference? I used a Pentax 1° Spot meter on my Nikon FTn with Nikkor 50mm f/1.4 and a stock Canon 5DII with the same lens. The readings for the center of the focus screen were identical to within 1/3 stop. Brightness is not the issue. The 5DII magnification is noticeably lower.

Again, I see your point Erik (and, perhaps I shouldn't say so publicly, but it is so much nicer to have discourse with someone who can rationalize)

If the equal brightness of your 5dII viewfinder were spread across an area the size of your FTn viewfinder then it would be duller. This is the reason why the viewfinder magnifications are less in dSLRs cameras. I assume the same went for AF film cameras. Though I'm slightly skeptical corner-cutting doesn't also factor in (certainly with pentamirrors)

I use my 5DII with MF lenses rather frequently. For relatively quick focus, I use focus confirmation with the AF sensors. For precise focus I use live view. The former is slightly slower than split image (requires a few more tweaks of the focus ring to find the sweet spot); the latter is far, far more accurate than even a 2x angle viewer on a manual focus camera.

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Hmmm...Ok. So MF is possible. But imagine they used a system which you could simultaneously focus faster than using focus confirmation and as precisely as using live view.

Our point is they once did. And we want it back!

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