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Re: Leaving for Puerto Rico and...

The trip's done. My thoughts in no particular order...

I took the 24-70mm only. I could have used the 16-35 for sure. If I don't count the focal length overlap with the 24-70 it would have been used probably 30% of the time. For only the 16 to 24 range then 10~15%. I wished I had brought it after I got there and saw how safe it was to carry gear around.

I had no trouble carrying the D800 with 24-70 though. It wasn't that heavy or much of a hassle. It's more about keeping up with something expensive and possibly fragile than the it was about the size and weight. It would be an issue with any nice camera IMO.

A few people noticed it, a couple said nice camera but in practice and shooting I didn't notice it catching people's attention.

After thinking it over more I may try travel with the 16-35mm and the 85mm prime. I would prefer to walk around with that setup or do as hikerdoc does and bring a gaggle of primes.

With primes I figure for any scenario or plan shooting, I could select a couple of primes and satisfy most shooting needs and have a lightweight, easy to handle setup to boot. I could see carrying the 85mm at all times and then a 28mm or 35mm for wider angle needs. I don't see my self buying the 24mm as its cost is prohibitive. Also with primes the IQ is higher and there's the extra stop.

I saw a few people with consumer mid-level DSLRs, but no D800s, D600s, Canon Mk xx's, a few mirrorless, no point and shoots, and of course ubiquitous IPhones. It was the fewest camera's I've seen on a trip of this sort. I did see two or three videographers with tripods and some heavy duty gear.

Once I heard a couple of older guys talking about cameras but I was with my family and couldn't stop to join the chat.

One problem I had not encountered before was sweat and/or sunblock getting on the VF and LCD screen. I had to clean them constantly especially the VF. What do others do about this? Is it something to just live with?

regards, David

This is handheld at ISO6400 over on the west side of Old San Juan. This is from the south looking north. On around the bend is El Morro. I liked the grain so I left it in.  As I recall I dialed back the EV so much to remove the blinkie.

I've been going back and forth between AP with easy exposure compensation and full manual.  I must admit I prefer full manual with no auto iso in many cases.

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