Love the 7R but selling it - some pics

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Re: Love the 7R but selling it - some pics

No offense, but those shots do not impress me. First, I would ask what the objectives of the shots were, or was it just to demonstrate low light photography? The subject and composition were certainly not interesting.

Second, I would wonder about the lens. Lens choice is at least as important as camera choice for low light photography, or for any photography for that matter. Next I would question the post processing. Looks like poor ISO and noise reduction to me. Were these originally raw files?

In short, these images do not support the claim that the A7R is not well suited for low light, well thought it may be.

If quiet shutter, decent AF, and excellent low light capability is your goal, I would point you in the direction of a camera that I originally decried, but lately have been rethinking: the Nikon DF. Couple that with the Nikon 58mm 1.4 or the new Sigma 1.4 Art, and you would be closer to your goal...

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