Olympus E-10 and E-20

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Some other tips

Still have my E20. Compared to the E1, it's sloooow in operation - crack off three quick shots in a row, and you'll be waiting 15-20 seconds for the card write to finish.

They are very well built, very solid, and fairly small. An ergonomic masterpiece. Sit very well in the hand.

There is a limit to the size of the CF card you can use - I believe it's 4 gig, might be 2.

The E10 and E20 have a leaf shutter - they use the iris for the shutter. Leaf shutters have a limited lifespan, in the case of the Exx, around 25k shots. I seriously doubt you can get one repaired.

One very nice feature - because the Exx use a pellicle mirror instead of a moving mirror, and a leaf shutter, they're just about completely silent in operation. Just a faint tick, barely audible to the person holding the camera. That comes in handy, on the rare occasions that shutter noise might be a problem.

The Exx also have a tilting rear LCD - first time that was ever done. They have a very early live view implementation, though it's refresh rate is extremely slow.

I still have the wide angle adapter lens for mine, though I sold the battery grip and 300mm tele adapter back when I got the e1.

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