Disapointed in my Df.

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I've been shooting for two months with the D800 and Df.

As reported elsewhere, the Df will be "nearly" as good as the D800 in poor light. I have to go to some fairly extreme low-light situations to make the Df fail and the D800 will often have trouble at that point as well.


This is with CENTER POINT ONLY. Using the out AF points of the Df is a significant limiting factor. So if you're trying to use those other points, the D800 is well ahead in coverage AND accuracy.

I only use my Df with center point (usually how I use my D800 as well). I have to be shooting at ISO 12800 as slow shutters and wide open in the dark for the Df to fail me.

The lighting, lenses and operator skill are all unknowns here, so we can really only guess at what happened.

My Df has mostly replaced my D800 for most of the shooting that I do. I'm only using the D800 now for product shots and it never leaves the house anymore. Shooting sports? I'd probably take the D4 & D800 or Df. You have to choose the right tool for the job, though I'd say the D800 remains better for this sort of thing and I might need the cropping ability too.


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