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Guy Parsons
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Just the facts, man, just the facts.....

photohounds wrote:

Well, what facts BE those?

Since you asked.....

When I see such a post, I see "user error", or could it be trolling?
I wouldn't blame a camera if I simply hadn't learned how to hold one.

A lot of bad user handling results in blur and shake, also stabilisation can add its own blur, and then there's the shock of the initial shutter closure shock when live view ends and exposure begins. Those other cause blurs are often blamed on shutter shock, as "I did nothing wrong".

The recent addition of a firmware change to the E-M1 now allows easy before/after tests with the new anti-shock "0 delay" and it's clear from the many samples seen that the removal of that initial shutter closure action causes images to be sharper.

The comparison people see with GX7 etc. comparing mechanical and electronic shutters show the  same improvement in image sharpness, vibration of the shutter mechanism is a killer in a light camera.

Where's the uproar about mirror shock - DSLR mirrors with their sub mirrors, extra hinges and all that claptrap cause FAR more shake.

Yep, it's all there, but those things are way heavier so dampened the shutter shock way more. Only happens for live view anyway, so limited chances of seeing it.

For that reason, all good dslrs have mirror lock-up.

Yep, to help stop shock due to mirror slap. But in those cameras when the mirror is used the shutter is already closed so only has to run for the exposure and not do the initial closure that causes the shock we sometimes see.

35mm proper cameras also had mirror locks and so did my RB-67
- now the mirror in THAT swung like a barn door

My KowaSix used to frighten people at a distance with its huge noisy non-return mirror. No shake though as it weighed a ton.

I have a video of the E-PL5 shutter at 1,000 fps and there's a huge amount of bounce as the initial shutter closure happens, also I have made audio recording of the noise the mechanism makes and there's plenty of vibration going on that carries over into the exposure period. I showed those in a recent shock thread, but no time right now to find the links again. You just have to believe.

In my case though I have not noticed any shock results but then I do not go looking for them. I now mostly use the 12-40mm on my E-PL5 and I am sure that helps dampen any shock problems due to the extra mass.

Now, about religion, where are the facts......?

Regards..... Guy

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