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sgoldswo wrote:

I haven't found an issue with achieving focus in low light. Here's an example taken in a darkened shop with the lights off - the camera focused on the bags:

I think the real difference is in the area, and the sensitivity of the outer AF points, which explains the differences in reports you've seen.

If a person shoots in AF-C Auto all the time they are more likely to see a AF problem vs a camera with the 51 point system, almost by virtue of the smaller AF area. I will say that in lower light I'm likely to shoot in AF-S centre point or AF-C centre point group. The camera seems fine in those configurations. If you shoot centre point all the time you won't see a difference from a D800 - conversely if you shoot in auto you'll see a big difference. All I would say is that it would be a pity to miss out on one of the best cameras in the last 12 months because of misinformation about focus performance.

That fits with my experience. I pretty much have been shooting all center point group, and not seeing any problems. Good explanation.

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