Oly 12-40 is too big/bulky

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Guy Parsons
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Oly 12-40 is too NICE......

daleeight wrote:

So I have read and pondered the Oly 12-40 purchase for awhile (like a lot of people, probably). I read the "arguments" over zoom versus prime, and the size/weight/bulk stories. So I wondered if it would be too much, or too awkward.

Back to the original paragraph and forgetting all about the weight statistics arguments.....

Lovely lens, it is stuck on my E-PL5 now and I feel little need now to swap to any other lens.

Some say the heavier lens affects the balance of a camera but that is nuts as the user holds the camera in such a way as to balance it. In other words the left hand holds the weight of the lens and the right hand does the operational bit with the usual light touch. I feel that I can shoot now at slower speeds before I need to use stabilisation due to its extra weight.

Not a combination to attempt one-handed photography (in fact I always use two hands with any camera, no matter what size) and definitely not a pocketable setup. It's a serious lens for a proper (small) camera bag to carry and protect it.

Here's my mini kit using a small snoot bag, the 45-150mm lens fits in the main part under a sewn-in flap, the flash and battery and little bits go in the front pocket. My usual kit bag is a little bigger with lots more junk in it but still is around only 2 kg total and on the shoulder all day causes no pain whatsoever.

One interesting thing is that the front of the lens that the subject sees has no writing on it so it looks blander and plainer than the usual lens even though it is still big. Somehow that helps "reduce" its size/presence to the subject.

As for the prime lust, that went away when I updated from E-PL1 to E-PL5, the newer sensor just worked so much better in low light that my need for primes vanished. Then of course the 12-40mm with constant f/2.8 for AF and composing really pushed any faintly lingering need for primes right out the door.

When I am "serious" about photography is when I travel and photo opportunities vanish in seconds in strange and new places so a zoom lens is a must. Fumbling with swapping primes would have lost me too many shots in my travels so I am a committed zoom user now, and the 12-40mm has really hit the sweet spot for me.

Lucky that it is weatherproof, otherwise the constant drool when I look at it would have rusted it away by now.

Regards..... Guy

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