Nikon 105 for butterfly collection

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Re: Nikon 105 for butterfly collection

TQGroup wrote:

Hi Antal

Thank you very much for such a clear and comprehensive explanation! Clearly you have the benefit of a lot of experience behind you.

One question for you, if I may... can you suggest an "optimum" colour and material as a background to the butterflies.

Currently I envisage using a sizable pad of dense rubber into which to stick the pinned butterfly for each individual portrait and I want to cover this with a suitable cloth. I'm thinking about velvet for its non-reflective properties...

And what about colour? An 18% neutral grey? I don't know yet if there is an "industry" standard so I'm open to your thoughts. Cheers Andrew

There are many examples of butterfly collection photographs you can look at to come to a decision, I posted some links in a previous mail.  White is of course a fair default choice although it should be a very matte white so as not to reflect in flashlight.  I've seen other colors used, eg dull green, you will find examples online.  I tend to agree that grey might not be very appealing.  An advantage of grey, which would also be shared by white (or a neutral light grey) is that it could help resolve any color balance issues that arise in future.

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