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I was just wondering if the owners could share their experiences with how fast the Df can lock the focus in the low light situations - something that would require 1/100s shutter speed, 1.8 aperture and 6400-12800 ISO. I've found a couple of reviews today that claim it takes up to 10 seconds to lock focus, and sometimes it wouldn't lock at all. Would those who use the Df in low light agree or disagree? What are your personal findings in that regard?

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I haven't found an issue with achieving focus in low light. Here's an example taken in a darkened shop with the lights off - the camera focused on the bags:

I think the real difference is in the area, and the sensitivity of the outer AF points, which explains the differences in reports you've seen.

If a person shoots in AF-C Auto all the time they are more likely to see a AF problem vs a camera with the 51 point system, almost by virtue of the smaller AF area. I will say that in lower light I'm likely to shoot in AF-S centre point or AF-C centre point group. The camera seems fine in those configurations. If you shoot centre point all the time you won't see a difference from a D800 - conversely if you shoot in auto you'll see a big difference. All I would say is that it would be a pity to miss out on one of the best cameras in the last 12 months because of misinformation about focus performance.

Hi, this is a super low light pic - how long did it take for the camera to lock focus?

Also, just to make sure I understand - when you say "if you shoot in auto you'll see a big difference" - what do you mean by "auto"? Most of the time I use AF-S, but sometimes I switch to AF-C, but in that case I use the center point most of the time..

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