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Re: Decision Followup

skyglider wrote:

skyglider wrote:

I do want a monitor in the wider 16:9 aspect ratio since I put my Win7 taskbar on the right side and since Photoshop and especially Lightroom use a lot of screen real estate on the left and right sides.

Looking for recommendations for a monitor with the following requirements:

  1. 27 inch IPS screen.
  2. 2560x1440 or 1920x1080 res monitor.
  3. Does NOT have a glass or high reflectivity screen.
  4. Can switch between inputs using one button for when I have two computers connected to the monitor.
  5. Has a stand that can go up/down, rotate horizontally and pivot from landscape to portrait orientation. Or has a VESA mount so I can install a stand that can do those things.

Any suggestions?

Thanks to all who responded. I pulled the trigger on the Dell U2713HM.

One point that I never saw mentioned in "Which monitor to buy" threads on any website but was in a review, is that the U2713HM does not appear to use PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) to lower the LED back lighting. Apparently PWM used to lower the back lighting can cause eye strain for folks sensitive to screen flicker. The review says that there are very few monitors that don't use PWM for back light dimming. This might be something to verify on which-ever monitor folks are researching to buy if they are sensitive to screen flicker.

To read about this, the review website is here:


Yeah, apparently the U2713H,U2713HM,UP2414Q are three that are known to use a much fancier and more expensive way of driving LED backlights. They use DC control instead of PWM. It's pretty impressive that the U2713HM uses DC control since it's not a full-on pro or super $$$$ monitor.

There are some other models that avoid it too, but a majority do seem to use PWM.

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