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Viewfinder brightness: Nikon FTn vs. Canon 5DII

Doss wrote:

I put your assumptions against realiity: Personally, I noticed the difference because I use both AF and 'typical' film SLR. I noticed the difference clearly.

Have you tried to measure the difference?  I used a Pentax 1° Spot meter on my Nikon FTn with Nikkor 50mm f/1.4 and a stock Canon 5DII with the same lens.  The readings for the center of the focus screen were identical to within 1/3 stop.  Brightness is not the issue. The 5DII magnification is noticeably lower.

I use my 5DII with MF lenses rather frequently.   For relatively quick focus, I use focus confirmation with the AF sensors.  For precise focus I use live view.   The former is slightly slower than split image (requires a few more tweaks of the focus ring to find the sweet spot); the latter is far, far more accurate than even a 2x angle viewer on a manual focus camera.

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