Sony RX10. Pixel size and noise are holding me back from buying

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Re: Sony RX10. Pixel size and noise are holding me back from buying

MoreGooderPhotos wrote:

elliottnewcomb wrote:

words, words, words!. get 30 day return, try it, keep or return it. done.

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Words are often helpful. The particular words you selected, however, not so much. Why bother replying if that's all you have?

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Sometimes I feel like 2/3'rds Rice Krispies. Past "Snap" and "Crackle" but just shy of "Pop".

I have given you and a billion others thoughtful replies, I just put many specifics about RX10 in the other thread where you wondered about RX10 settings when hiking.

I assumed you knew that, and would 'get' my simplicity here, and I did not mean anything but to give you a solution to solve the dilemna and simply SEE for yourself in a way that is risk free, rather than READ or look at posted shots by persons whose PP methods and preferences you are not fully unaware of.

Assuming is always dangerous, me about you knowing my intentions, you about judging the camera based on words and other person's shots.

I don't shoot RAW, not qualified, which is why I said: GET IT. See for yourself, risk free.

Specifically, what you are mentioning here: I have kept my mouth shut, but, over the last year and a half, no matter what camera, on some RAW PP shots, when enlarged, I feel like I am looking thru a veil or layer of glass, which I suspect is PP NR; and I occasionally see halo outlines of everything, which I suspect is PP Sharpening.

I don't think that is the camera, whichever model, but that it is the photographers preference. You cannot know that by looking at shots posted, soooo.....I simply say: GET IT.

It's a nice time of year to be shooting/trying it.

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