My dream full-frame camera.

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Re: Dreaming is free, large sensors cost money

robin t wrote:

But the people (Bob?) who keep arguing that the manufacturers will always just default to the parts bin ignore the fact that all the parts that I want in my dream DSLR have been manufactured already also. It's not a question of re-engineering at massive cost. It's more a question of will. But it also seems like the manufacturers are all going in that direction.

They have but not recently and not in a form that would be suitable for digital. Suppose it was simply, say an FM3A with a sensor and electronics card. None of the old FM3A chassis would be directly usable, just enough differences to require a redesign. Front covers and VF components maybe, but much of those simple electronics for the meter will no longer be made, so that part will need a redesign. Probably the shutter will need to be moved forward to clear the sensor, which will necessitate a redesign of the mirror box. The sensor could come from an existing camera, but the main electronics card would need to be completely redesigned. Of course the back panel will be completely different. I don't know if Copal are still manufacturing those shutters, possibly the could if needed. So, I think it's maybe 2/3 of a complete redesign. Then of course there is the question whether they saved the tooling and whether it's compatible with the casting methods used now. And for the covers, which were pressed brass, whether they have the subcontractors still doing that kind of work. And so on and so on. All in all, it's a completely new camera, as were the special edition rangefinders, made by the prototype shops, which is why they cost so much.

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