Sony RX10. Pixel size and noise are holding me back from buying

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Ron AKA wrote:

MoreGooderPhotos wrote:

I agree with the video capability. Videos I've seen online are stellar.

I'm sure the engineering department had their work cut out for them. The lens alone is a monumental achievement. And that's the problem. The sensor is holding the lens back. Did they simply fit the sensor from the RX100ii just because it was available? Or did they actually consider a different sensor? We'll probably never know. But just think of what it could have been. It could have been less of a compromise than it already is if not for the silly megapixel war.

The sensor is what made the lens possible. The lens was designed around the sensor. The size of the sensor is what allows the lens to be compact (in relative terms) for the speed and zoom range. They also moved some of the distortion correction from the lens to the software, further reducing the size of the lens.

Agreed. The same can be said for the 1/2.3" and 1/1.7" based super-zooms. They are all remarkable achievements, unavailable not too long ago.

Comparing noise from example cameras here: you can easily see the relation of sensor size and noise. I was negatively influenced by the cropped images there, and is the source for my rant about megapixels. I certainly wouldn't expect to crop as tight and hope for anything extraordinary. Perhaps my concern about noise in cropped areas in unfounded, since I based my opinion on this particular review.

Interestingly, there are rumors about a A7s that will have a full frame sensor but only 12mpx to create a low light monster.

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