Love the 7R but selling it - some pics

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Re: Love the 7R but selling it - some pics

zilver wrote:


I just got back from a trip in Dublin and these are just some random pics straight out of camera (A7R updated firmware).

I'm admittedly a gear head that happens to like taking even average pictures rather than a photographer which may have been able to take great pictures from any cameras made in recent memory.

For people interested in gear, if you want high details of the pictures and high ISO, there's nothing out there in the mirrorless arena of the budget that comes close, and if I'm walking around at night, I'd only take the A7R otherwise I won't bother and just use the iPhone for casual shots. Other cameras with fast lens or IS can take good pictures but the realism and details are not good enough in my opinion.

For the negatives and why I'm selling, one is that the shutter is very loud, camera is perfect for night shots but it's too loud and seems louder at night for obvious reasons. Secondly, there's no minimum shutter settings in Auto ISO, I know there's many workarounds, I just used S setting stuck at 1/100 and auto ISO, but it's not a good enough solution. Lastly for me is the focus speed, with A6000 and X-T1 and Olympus' capturing everything more confidently, this has got to get better.

But all that said, A7R gives me the most realism photos I've ever seen, so I'll definitely be back in the next hardware update. Exciting times.

I prefer full frame. Less noise at high ISO means no tripod. RAW files are far more flexible and highlights and shadows are easier recovered and no banding. Not to mention the better dynamic range. But to each is own. Coming from some pretty old film cameras with loud shutters I don't mind. The a7 has a EFC and is a little less noisy. Olympus would be my last choice for night shooting.

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