Some say, Pentax DX bodies are SO capable, they blow Nikon FX away...

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Re: Oh, don't get me started ... :-)

arachnophilia wrote:

i've met canon fanboys and nikon fanboys, but it seems that nobody has fanboys like pentax has fanboys.

Have you tried arguing with the m43 or Nex crowds?

We have brand fanboys of the Canon, Fujifilm, Leica, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Pentax, Sony flavours. There might even be a few Samsung ones. We also have format fanboys: You know the ones who can get to 150 posts in three hours flat just arguing over depth-of-field differences. The Four Thirds fanboys are always a force to be reckoned with (both the original tribe and the newer m43 branch). There are even a small but fairly arrogant group of medium format snobs who at times reach fanboy status. And we of course have the mirrorless fanboys, if only the sales of mirrorless ever had reached anywhere near the volume of their hate of mirrors ... Then the DSLR truly would be dead. Interestingly Leica fans seem not to consider themselves part of the mirrorless crowd, probably to vulgar, rabble rousing and most of all cheap for their more refined tastes. And we do have the EVF fanboy subdivision who seem to hate anything optical (wonder how they feel about lenses?). There is even a small hardcore ragged band of surviving translucent mirror fanboys, which for some reason the congregate mainly in the Sony Alpha forum.

Then there are prime lens fanboys who would not be caught dead carrying a zoom. There is a larger group with a more liberal view who prefer primes, but who can accept zooms as long are they have a fixed aperture and the zoom range is not to flamboyant. But everybody hate kit zooms. Looking at lenses you also have the Zeiss fan club and the Zuiko lovers, those who can only carry red ring 'L' lenses, and those who love any old lens with manual focus, crappy corners, no coating and which is at least 30 years old - new lenses just don't measure up to lenses made in some vaguely defined golden era.

We have a small but surprisingly loud group of CCD technology fanboys who insist no good sensor has been released in the past 5-8 years (depending on how hard core you are). A common trait among them is their uncanny (but easily disproved) ability to distinguish between images taken with CCD or CMOS sensors by looking at small low res jpegs at Facebook. And we have the Foevon diehards who constantly invent new mathematical formulas to calculate just how much more resolution you really get with Foevon sensors.

Not to mention any names, but have you ever visited a thread opened by some naive newbie asking the seemingly innocent question: "What is raw format good fro anyway?" Flame suits are recommended, and those threads are not for the faint of heart.

But most of all you have a tremendous amount of people who are inverted fanboys: Instead of constantly raving on how excellent this brand/camera typ/sensor size is, they intensely hate and despise something: Canon, moving mirrors, video in DSLR, Adobe, Canon, EVF:s, superzoom lenses, images of cats, DSLR cameras, Canon, camera phones, successful female photographers, raw files, fast frame rates, Apple, high iso settings ... and Canon. (Being the biggest camera brand will make you an irresistible target).

Myself I am completely neutral: I hate just about everything and everybody and I despise all images except the ones taken by me

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