NEX-6 lens blackout/reset bug

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Re: NEX-6 lens blackout/reset bug

I am seeing the same thing with my NEX6 and my SEL18200. It only does it every once and a while, like once or twice a day if we are using it a lot. I never had a problem with my other lenses only with the SEL18200. I can recreate the issue by slightly pushing up on the front bottom of the lens, there is a bit of movement in the lens. I have tried doing this with my other lenses on the NEX6 and they will do it as well but they have never done this for me during normal use.

A friend of mine has a new NEX-3N and I borrowed it to try the lens on it. The lenses are much more solid on the NEX-3N and I was unable to recreate the problem with the SEL18200. I have been using the SEL18200 on the NEX-3N for a couple of days and it has never had the issue.

After searching online for this issue, I found this thread. It looks like other people are seeing the same issue. I called Sony Canada and after telling them what was happening they told me to just send the camera in for repair. I asked them if they had heard of the issue or if they had any service bulletins on the issue but they said no. I only have a couple weeks left on my warranty so I shipped it out on Friday. In my note to Sony explaining the issue, I included the part number that people have had replaced by Sony : MB Contact Unit(755), N.

I will let everyone know what they come back with.

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