Sony RX10. Pixel size and noise are holding me back from buying

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Re: Sony RX10. Pixel size and noise are holding me back from buying

MoreGooderPhotos wrote:

Ron AKA wrote:

I have the RX100, and don't really take issue with your concern about the price of the RX10 for what you get. The RX10 is not my cup of tea due to the size and price. However, I do take some issue with your conclusions about the sensor. Yes, if I was the designer of the RX100 sensor, I think I would cut back on the pixel density a bit to 16 MP or so. That is enough. But the argument from the other size is that going from 20 to 16 is not much of a difference.

That aside, keep in mind that all images from the camera start as RAW images. Post processing is done in the camera starting with the RAW image to produce the JPEG. There is no reason for the image produced in post processing from RAW to be worse than an in camera JPEG. When you increase the ISO setting the camera will adjust the in camera noise reduction circuitry (hardware), but to my knowledge, it will do it for both the RAW and JPEG. The hardware adjustment to the image occurs before the RAW is created.

So, I understand your concerns, and yes in low light I have seen noise in RX10 (and RX100) images, but I don't believe the JPEG's are immune from it. In brighter light, I do not see any significant noise in my RX100 images, and if taken in normal daylight, I usually do not even check for noise when doing the RAW development. But, I am from the camp that believes if you are going to spend this much on a camera you should be post processing and starting from RAW.

If you are assuming larger pixel size always means better IQ then check out some images from the R1. Bigger pixels and more noise than the RX100, even in brighter light.

Thanks Ron, for the helpful reply.

Are you saying that the RAW files are already noise- reduced?

The way I understand it there are two noise reduction processes applied. One is hardware based and is applied to all the RAW images. The specific process may be tweaked based on ISO setting, but still is applied to all RAW. The second process is software based and is applied to the JPEG only. That is the process that I maintain can be done at least as well, if not better in post processing.

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