Olympus EM10 Raw conversion for Lightroom

Started Apr 6, 2014 | Discussions thread
dpr4bb Senior Member • Posts: 1,081
Re: Olympus EM10 Raw conversion for Lightroom

tgutgu wrote:

The worst are the cases, where people try to copy Olympus' JPEG engine to recreate the so called "Olympus colors". In my opinion, a futile approach, when shooting RAW. If someone wants Olympus colors, one should use JPEG.

For me, the point isn't to copy "Olympus colors" or "Canon colors." But when the colors and the tonality of the final JPEG that you get out of Lightroom end up not being as nice as those of the out-of-camera JPEG files, even when you've used custom camera profiles provided by Adobe, then you end up disappointed. I really like using Lightroom, as I think it works very well functionally, but I can't use it for all of my cameras. If there is a solution to this issue that I'm not aware of, I'd love to learn about it, as I prefer to work with Lightroom if I can.

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